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          School of International Programs of Guangdong University of Finance (GDUF) holds an online counseling salon for international students

          2020-May-9 Source:Newsgd.com

          In order to ensure the mental health of international students of GDUF during the COVID-19 virus outbreak, cooperate with the overall deployment of the school's epidemic prevention and control work, completing the action plan of caring for international students organized by departments at all levels, on April 21, school of international programs invited Dr.Liu xiangxin and psychologists Zhang zhengchi, from Guangdong mental health center, Guangdong General hospital, to conduct an online interactive and unique psychological counseling salon for all international students of GDUF.


          Online mental health salon for international students during the outbreak.

          [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

          As psychological experts in Guangdong medical aid team to Hubei, the two doctors have accumulated rich experience in Wuhan anti-epidemic front line. When the international students heard that the school would hold a mental health salon for them, they all expressed their welcome. International students at home and abroad actively participated in the activity. Liu Peifu, director of the International Affair Office, Chu Kejia, dean of the school of International Programs, and Dong Yue, international student director of the School of International Programs participated in the activity. During the salon,they had in-depth communication with experts and classmates on how to maintain good physical and mental health during the epidemic.


          Experts explained the route of transmission of the COVID-19 to teachers and students.

          [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

          In order to make it more targeted, the school of International Programs made the students fill in a psychological questionnaire related to the Salon. Based on the evaluation results, the two doctors explained how to protect ourselves more scientifically during the epidemic period by introducing the knowledge of the prevention of COVID-19 and combining with the video. Later, Dr. Liu Xiangxin gave a talk in English titled "Mental health during COVD 19", providing 8 tips for mental health care during isolation. Students also put forward problems of psychological confusion during the outbreaks, then Dr. Liu and Dr. Zhang respectively gave detailed answers to the students' questions on how to work and rest better during the epidemic, how to adjust their bad emotions caused by home stay and how to better plan their study and life during face-to-face teaching.


          Under the guidance of experts, teachers and students participated in the activities "cloud movement" at home.

          [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

          After the salon, the two experts conducted a survey for the students and expressed their willingness to do more activities with their classmates to help them deal with the psychological problems during their study in China. The students attending the activity also said that the activity was special in form. About the previous activity of sending protective equipment to the students in China, the students were very grateful to the university for its physical and psychological care during such a special period.


          The activity attracted 52 international students from home and abroad to participate in.

          [Photo provided to Newsgd.com]

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